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Ultimate Performance’s Client of the Month program recognises the success of some of our most inspirational clients who have achieved incredible transformations. We celebrate the accomplishments of real-world people who have committed to a U.P. training program and seen life-changing outcomes.

Below, we share some of our clients’ stories to inspire you, and prove what is possible in remarkably short timeframes. If you’re hungry for similar success and want to get into great shape like our Clients of the Month, take the first step now.

Chris - London St. Paul's

A 26-week training plan has helped Chris look better than ever at 38 and leave his smoking and drinking habits behind.

He thanks going back to basics with his trainer for his 26kg (57lbs) transformation, as he focused on eating healthy, protein-filled food and going all in on compound exercises.

“Within a month, I started to feel a real difference. My stomach deflated a lot and I’d lost a lot of weight.”

Find how Chris, with help from his dedicated personal trainer, achieved this life-changing transformation.

Diana - London Mayfair

Healthcare assistant Diana wanted to ‘hide away’ after seeing photos of herself while on holiday.

Diana’s U.P. trainer put her mind at ease within minutes of her first session, as she was given a clear goal and a mapped-out plan of action that slotted into her schedule.

“Everybody has said I have much more energy and look much healthier now. My sister, who I live with, said I look like a completely different person.”

Read her inspiring story here.

Carlos - Manchester

When his weight robbed him of confidence on holiday, father-of-three Carlos knew he needed to prioritise slimming down.

With the backing of his U.P. trainer, Carlos has shifted a mind-blowing 35kg (77lbs) of weight and now boasts six-pack abs for the first time in his life.

“I’ve now lost 35kg (77lbs). I didn’t expect to lose anywhere near that when I first started. I’ve never had a six-pack in my life, and I didn’t think I ever would.”

Find out more about Carlos’ incredible story.

Naomi - Cheshire

47-year-old commercial director Naomi was weighed down with emotional stress.

She set out to make a long-term change to her health and happiness by recruiting the help of the experts at Ultimate Performance Cheshire.

“My transformation has meant I’ve had to get brand-new clothes because none of them fit me anymore. I’ve dropped around three to four dress sizes and feel the best at 47 since my early 30s.”

Find out how you can change your life too.

Rizwan - Leeds

Rizwan joined up with Ultimate Performance to press the reset button.

A couple of months of work has helped him battle back to his fighting best and overhaul his confidence. He’s trimmed away fat from his stomach and even incorporated daily fasting into his program throughout Ramadan.

“I feel unbelievable. The transformation I’ve come on and the progress I’ve made through Ramadan, I still look at myself and think, ‘Is that me?’”

Find out how Rizwan transformed his health.

Sabina - Dubai DIFC

No amount of cardio classes were helping 31-year-old teacher Sabina lose weight.

Sabina enlisted the expertise of a U.P. trainer – seeing incredible changes to her body in a matter of weeks. For the first time in her life, she had an accountable expert by her side.

“I’m now at a weight that I’m really happy with. I enjoyed all my sessions with Ultimate Performance and feel a lot happier with what I eat now.”

Read Sabina’s story here.

Baran - Amsterdam

Having tried every diet and workout plan in the book, Baran was frustrated at his lack of results.

But partnering with an Ultimate Performance was the secret Baran was missing in his life. Now walking around 12kg (26lbs) lighter with tight abs on display, his faith in U.P. was rewarded in just 14 weeks.

“Compared to my previous experiences, the personal training at U.P. is so much more disciplined and engaged.”

Read more about Baran’s personal training experience here.

Frieda - Sydney


Although her weight wasn’t a pressing concern, Frieda wasn’t happy with her figure or the diet she’d adopted during the pandemic.

She decided to contact Ultimate Performance to find an expert plan to give her a much-needed routine. Ten weeks on, Frieda feels a shadow of her old self and has completely changed her career’s direction.

“I knew I was going to get results, but I didn’t think they were ever going to be as good as this. Training at U.P. has helped me find a true passion that I want to continue working on in the future.”

Read more about Frieda’s remarkable story.

Boon - Hong Kong

Boon had been trying to get in shape for 10 years on his own – but his progress hit a dead end, and he was desperately short of motivation.

He called on Ultimate Performance Hong Kong to find a plan which would trigger a noticeable change to his body. His body composition has completely changed, now proudly walking around with broad shoulders and tight abs following a transformation which has rekindled his passion for training.

“My life changed drastically. My belly was gone, my back, thighs and arms grew, and my jawline became more defined. I was really happy with the outcome.

Read more about Boon’s incredible story.

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We’ve helped over 25,000 people around the world take their fitness to new heights. You can find more of our incredible results here.

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