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Nick Mitchell

Founder of Ultimate Performance

Nick Mitchell has been hailed as

one of the world’s leading body composition experts

Men's Fitness
and closer to home as

London’s Best Personal Trainer

Time Out London

He is author to two books, The 12 Week Body Plan and The 6 Week Muscle Plan; the former being Amazon UK’s number one fitness book for 2013 and a Top 100 Overall book for that same year, with the latter being the number one Amazon UK Kindle book. He has written columns in Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, and Men’s Fitness magazines. He is renowned as a body composition specialist capable of getting his clients into their best ever shape in the quickest possible time and, to that end, it is no surprise that he is arguably the number one transformation expert in Europe!

Nick’s empowering teaching style motivates his clients to reach beyond their own self-imposed limitations and achieve the results that they never thought possible. A former competitive physique athlete, Nick has amassed several decades of practical experience in coaching athletic excellence, and is committed to the science of exercise training and analytically sound nutritional planning. A rigorous method and methodology are rooted in everything that he does, so that he can predict for his clients the exact changes their bodies will make, instilling confidence and transparency into a process that has in the past been too often clouded by haphazard guesswork. Nothing is left to chance taking a global approach to the fitness lifestyle, ensuring that every single area that could impact upon his clients’ performance and physical well being is first audited and then managed and demystified for maximum results.

In just 12 weeks I lost 8kg of fat, added 10kg of muscle and ended up on the front cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. I don’t for one second believe that there is another trainer in the UK capable of getting such phenomenal results. Nick Mitchell is, without question, the king of body transformations.

Joe Warner

Unrelenting in his quest to stay at the top of all the most modern scientific breakthroughs in physical enhancement, Nick Mitchell continues to build upon a lifetime of hands-on gym experience with continuous studying and a willingness to always have his mind changed if the argument is convincing enough! He has also had the privilege of working directly with the best in class, world renowned coaches such as S&C Coach Charles Poliquin, whose clients have included Summer and Winter Games Olympic medallists for the last 6 Olympiads. Indeed Poliquin, an individual who has arguably educated more serious Personal Trainers than any Coach in existence, describes Mitchell as “the smartest, hungriest and most compelling Personal Trainer I’ve ever known”.

With these startling results Nick Mitchell has reaffirmed himself as one of Europe’s top trainers. I myself saw Glenn at the early stages of his transformation and to see him come so far in such as short space of time is a testament both to his own steely determination and work ethic, and to Nick’s depth of experience and coaching knowledge.

Charles Poliquin

Although one quick glance at Nick will give away to even the casual observer Nick’s long standing passion for all avenues of the fitness lifestyle, he has had both a diverse academic and professional experience. Graduating with a degree from Law School, becoming a barrister turned City banker before moving full time into what he still terms his “life’s passion” as a Personal Trainer, has served him well in empathising with clients from all backgrounds. With an approach that is firmly rooted in real world application, Nick ensures that each and every client has a practical programme and exercise philosophy that fits around their unique desires and lives. This is the only way he knows to guarantee long-term success.

Nick Mitchell stands apart as a trainer who can both “talk the talk, and walk the walk”. His written work with magazines ranging from Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Runner’s World to Marie Claire, Vogue, Red and a host of national newspapers, along with TV appearances on the BBC and ITV, plus a roster of clients whose livelihoods depend upon both looking and feeling their best possible shape speaks for itself, and is seen by Nick Mitchell as the best and most compelling advert for his business.

As the first forty year old man on the cover of Men’s Health magazine I can say that I would have had no chance without coaching, support, and occasional bullying from Nick.

Wesley Doyle

Anyone who has ever been coached by Nick will tell you that it is no easy ride; he is on an endless quest to help his clients grasp brilliance and achieve results that are nothing short of life changing. This means he has become known as the opposite of the poster boy celebrity Personal Trainer who jogs in the park with his clients whilst throwing in a few sit ups and press ups along the way.

In Nick’s own words:

those who come to work with me and my team at Ultimate Performance should come because they want something special, something that you would never find in a commercial gym or a pristine, chrome-filled personal training studio. We ask a lot of our clients, but we give even more back, and because of this we are certainly not the right Personal Trainers for everybody. But if you want results – real, tangible life changing results - then I think you should be knocking on our door. Nick Mitchell

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