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If you feel like your health is spiralling out of control, you are not alone.

Over 60% of people say they have gained unwanted weight during the pandemic.

Obesity researchers blame the usual suspects – a lack of exercise, soaring stress levels, mounting workloads, and burgeoning consumption of alcohol and junk food.

For many people, the pandemic has proved to be the perfect storm for poor health.

A growing weight problem

Some studies put weight gain figures at between 5kg and 13kg over the last 18 months.

But the most worrying part – without real focused action, many people will never lose it.

Left unaddressed, the consequences of excess weight are grave:

  • Higher blood pressure
  • Increased heart attack risk
  • Greater incidence of depression and anxiety
  • Cognitive decline and mood disorders
  • Lower life expectancy

A proven solution for health

People can spend a lifetime battling their weight – but with our help, you can take back control of your health for good. Over 20,000 clients have put their trust in us and achieved life-changing results that felt impossible alone.

But ‘results’ means more than just a six-pack – building better health is the biggest driving factor for many people right now.

Dig deeper, and every client has a different ‘why’ that motivated them to change:

  • I want to start a family
  • I don’t want to feel embarrassed at the beach anymore
  • I want to live to see my grandchildren grow up
  • I want a better sex life
  • I want to feel confident on my wedding day
  • I don’t want to feel old

Ready to take back control?

Whatever your ‘why’, we show you how. We give you the tools, expertise and accountability needed to get measurable results.

Whether that means losing weight, dramatically reducing high cholesterol or blood pressure, fitting into that dress again, or feeling young, we make it happen.

Here are just a few of our inspiring clients with unique goals who took back control of their health too.


Wendy turned back the clock with her life-changing 28kg transformation.

Now 46, Wendy didn’t want to spend another Christmas feeling unhappy with herself both mentally and physically.


Ajay got the Brad Pitt body he had always wanted in just 10 weeks.

His incredible transformation was driven by the motivation to stop feeling sluggish and out of shape, and get back to his best.


Roshani dropped five dress sizes to feel fabulous for her sister’s wedding

Feeling low on self-esteem at her bridesmaid dress fitting was the ‘why’ that inspired her to lift weights for the first time and complete a stunning 28kg transformation.


Dan’s 35kg helped him take back control of his health for his family.

As a father, he wanted to be healthy for his children; as a professional, he wanted to be sharp and focused at work. He achieved both with Ultimate Performance.


Angela lost 35kg and is much happier in herself mentally and physically.

Emotionally exhausted from constantly feeling bad about herself and how she looked, Angela’s motivation was to make a lasting change.


Jeff has built a body he is proud of after wasting 10 years trying to get back in shape since his army days.

The motivation for Jeff’s 26kg transformation was simple: he wanted to feel confident and happy again in his own skin whenever he went to the beach.


Company president and mother Grace proved her best years weren’t behind her after getting in peak physical shape at 48.

Her goal wasn’t just to be fitter than in her twenties, but also be a source of inspiration and a strong role model to her daughter.


Roy’s incredible 40kg weight loss has transformed his life and helped him overcome debilitating arthritis to get back playing football in his fifties.

Weighing 120kg when he started, and at risk of diabetes and heart disease, Roy’s motivation was to live a long and healthy life for his children, grandchildren and partner.

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