Devastated by fibromyalgia in his 30s, Kunal took back control of his life with weight training.

He was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a couple of years back, and now his life revolved around pain management and fighting off the effects of the medication.

Everyday things like relationships, travel, adventure, or even work seemed impossible to manage.

He knew he had to try something different to gain some normalcy, so he took decisive action and signed up to a transformation program at Ultimate Performance.

The results have been utterly life-changing in every sense of the word – his body is stronger than ever and he has thrown off many of the shackles of his chronic health condition that were blighting his life.

“Since I started with U.P., the increase in musculature has not just helped the optical look, but it’s more than that.

“It has obliterated a lot of my fibromyalgia symptoms – I would say I am 80% better. That’s been the greatest value add for me.”

Kunal didn’t join to lose weight but to increase strength and improve his health.

He came to U.P. after three months of physiotherapy and with a barely fixed ACL knee injury and partial tears to both his shoulders.

“I was working out with a physiotherapist to fix some of my injuries, and after 3 months, he suggested I start a proper gym routine to get stronger.

“I heard about U.P. through Facebook actually and the transformation stories I saw there really inspired me.

“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia earlier that year, and initially, I was a bit hesitant but eventually decided that I needed to overcome these obstacles.”


Kunal was no novice to exercise or diet, but he had never tackled training in such a disciplined and focussed manner.

“Earlier, I lacked routine, because I have never had a decided routine – what body part to work, when to do it, etc.

“I was quite pedantic about diets even prior to joining U.P., but I still learned a few nifty tricks on diet manipulation from U.P., and I feel like I am still learning.

“The diet is way clearer, I have established a routine, and an element of discipline has been built, which was lacking earlier on.”
Because of his condition, Kunal had lost confidence in his physical abilities. Pain was ruling his life and he felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

But as his strength built through training over time, he was slowly able to let go of his medication and started to trust his body again.

“Fibromyalgia is quite a debilitating condition, and it’s invisible, people don’t realise what it is.

“It generally changes your quality of life. You are on medication that makes you drowsy, makes you weak, and you are in pain almost all the time.

“I was put on heavy medication, and I got dependent on them.

“I was also icing all the time, travelling with ice packs, depending on a massage routine, hot and cold water, etc. I could barely do any exercise.

“It also affects other parts of your life – relationships with friends, family, and my girlfriend. I became obsessed with pain management, and it didn’t let me live my life to the fullest.”


But the magic of a proper diet and training regime started working almost instantaneously.

He couldn’t quite believe the speed of change and the improvement of his health.

“After joining U.P. all the strength training, discipline, and motivation has led to substantial muscle gain.

“It has helped with stabilising a lot of the muscles and joints, which were aching.

“It reduced my dependence on medication; I am taking about 10% of the drugs that I used to.”

Along with the physical gains, Kunal has also found new mental strength, determination, and discipline to keep himself healthy in the long run.

He loves the transformation but knows that dealing with chronic illnesses require patience and constant work.

“Believing in yourself is a big part of any transformation process, and that is very rewarding.

“I have learned discipline because when you start with U.P. you are investing in yourself and you have no choice but to commit to your goal; otherwise you are just wasting your time and that of your PT and U.P.

“Along the way, I have also realised that the all-or-nothing thinking can be destructive. It is easy to think that one mistake could destroy your transformation and continue downhill. I realised this is not the case – you can slip, make mistakes but jumping back on the bandwagon is not that hard, and the mistakes you make are not fatal.

“And most importantly, I have learned perspective and persistence – yes, injuries can be limiting (mine certainly were/are), but with persistence and working around them, I think my trainer, and I found a way to get to my target.”

Kunal put his faith in his trainer to work around his limitations and ensure he could train safely and effectively.

His trust and faith in the process and in U.P. methodologies were rewarded with the results he wanted.

“With my trainer and U.P., the awareness of what injuries a client could be facing and how they could affect you is really high. I have never had a session where I have told my trainer something about how I am feeling, and he has not taken that into account while training. I trained with him with complete trust!

“U.P. is a fantastic gym for many reasons: quality of trainers, friendly staff, motivating atmosphere and that old adage – you get what you pay for. I have completed 36 sessions and signed up for another 60!”

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