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Ultimate Performance Have Arrived in Bethesda

Our first 50 clients can secure an exclusive launch day offer.

We are proud to bring our world-class personal training model and body transformation results to Bethesda with the launch of our newest gym.  

At a time when your health truly matters most, we are offering you the opportunity to be one of the first 50 clients to start a transformation journey with us at U.P. Bethesda. 

If you want to prioritise your health and transform your body by joining this limited intake of members, you can benefit from our one-time 10% opening discount on any personal training package you choose.  

To secure this unique discount and sign up for your transformation, simply fill out the enquiry form below.

There is no better time to invest in your health than now. 

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how critical maintaining optimal health is, and reminded us of the grave risks of being overweight – chronic disease, depression, cognitive decline and, ultimately, a life cut short.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

U.P. has a proven track record helping thousands of clients achieve truly life-changing transformations that go way beyond just impressive ‘before and after’ images.

Our scientific approach gives you quantifiable improvements in every health metric imaginable –  from blood pressure and blood sugar to cholesterol and hormone health.

With U.P.  in your corner as a trusted advisor, there is nothing you cannot accomplish on your journey to lifelong health – but don’t just take our word for it, read some of the success stories from our inspirational clients themselves…

Parul, Director

Before she started, Parul weighed 198lbs and felt like her life was out of control. 

Working long hours, barely walking 100 steps a day and living off convenience food meant her weight kept going up. 

With a family history of diabetes and her longterm health at serious riskParul knew she needed to take action

Now 70lbs lighter, she feels like a different person – happier, healthier and more confident than ever.

“I don’t think I’ve ever looked that way. I am at a weight I probably haven’t been in 25 years.  I feel younger and I feel more energetic. I have a new lease on life.”

Read Parul’s story

Amit, Investment Banker

Amit was going down a dangerous road with his health and was approaching 30 in the worst shape of his life – overweight, tired and unfit. 

“Before starting at U.P., I felt tired all the time; I found it difficult to complete any sort of physical activity. I felt like I had no energy whatsoever, and I just generally felt very unhealthy. I had low confidence due to my appearance and would avoid social settings.”

Even with a high-flying City career with long hours and stress, Amit managed to lose a life-changing 100lbs with our help.  

Read Amit’s Story 

Susan, Full-Time Mother

When her mother sadly died as a result of diabetes, Susan feared she was heading down the same path. 

Caring for her mother all those years meant she neglected her own health.  

“I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I needed to make some big changes. I’ve got a family history of diabetes.

“I think after the death of my mum, and again because it was related to diabetes, it was really important for me to get myself sorted and not go down that same track.”

Her transformation at U.P. helped her turn back the clock, reset her health and feel great again in her fifties.  

Read Susan’s Story 

Mike, Business Owner

Mike’s ‘why’ for losing weight and getting fit was his daughter. 

For years, Mike had focussed on building his business but had neglected his health. It showed – he could barely kick a football around with his little girl and he felt like a ‘walking heart attack’. 

“I spend a lot of time with my daughter, and I love spending time with her. It made me think that it was about time then to start to do something about it.”

His determination to change allied with the expertise and accountability at U.P. helped him transform his body and his health to lose 75lbs. 

Read Mike’s story.

Daniela, Associate Director

For as long as she can remember, 37-year-old associate director Daniela had been overweight. 

Her motivation was wanting to look and feel her best for a family wedding. 

Investing in lifelong health with U.P. has helped her lose 60lbs and give her something she has never had – natural confidence that comes from feeling good inside and out.  

Read Daniela’s Story 

Nick, Lawyer

Nick’s weight was close to 275lbs, all the warning lights on his health were flashing red, and he was dangerously close to the point of no return. 

As a father, Nick knew it was now or never to change.

“I have two young kids – aged four and two – and they are my key motivating factor for trying to get fit. Because when they become teenagers, I will be close to my 50s.”

Eight months later and an astonishing 115lbs lighter, life is very different for him now. 

The worrying health problems like hypertension and high cholesterol are long gone, and now he is doing marathons and swimming the English Channel.  

Read Nick’s Story 

Zrinka, Sales Director

Zrinka had always struggled with her weight, but when she moved to a new city, she completely lost control. 

When all vegetarian, ketogenic and juice diets had failed, she gave up all hope of finding a way back to health. 

But when her doctor flagged up dangerously high cholesterol levels, she made a lasting commitment to change her life and went on to lose an incredible 116lbs at U.P. 

Read Zrinka’s Story 

Steve, Compliance Director

Overweight, unfit and struggling with dangerously high blood pressure, 54-year-old Steve knew his health was in a bad way. 

“I reached a point where physically and mentally, I was no longer comfortable with my health.

“For a few years, I have been worried about my health, and I was concerned if I wouldn’t be around long enough to see my grandchildren.”

Training with U.P. proved to be a shrewd investment in his health – he lost 48lbs, his blood pressure is back to normal, and his cardiologist is almost as happy as he is 

Read Steve’s Story 

Angela, Financial Services Director

Angela felt her confidence couldn’t sink any lower – weighing 220lbs, she felt unhealthy, unfit and her self-esteem was at rock bottom. 

“I was feeling extremely demotivated as I was starting a diet every Monday, and I would fail and go back to my old habits by Wednesday. My self-esteem was as low as it could be.”

Her motivation was to get to a place where she felt happy and confident again.  

With her U.P. trainer by her side every step of the journey, she has made a life-changing transformation that she says has positively affected her mental and physical health. 

Read Angela’s Story 

Mike, Operations Director

Former footballer Mike’s diet and lifestyle had caused his weight to veer out of control. 

With this comes the increased risk of everything from heart disease to cancer. 

Mike knew that if he didn’t tackle his weight gain head-on, his mental and physical health would continue to slide downhill. 

But losing 88lbs and 40cm off his waistline with U.P. helped him turn back the clock and completely reset his health. 

Read Mike’s story.

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